Import Students Profiles from an External File

This article explains how to import student profiles from a text file. It also describes the file formats that are supported.

How to reach the Student Import Tool

  1. Log into your Electa Live account with administrator credentials. Only admin users may import student profiles.
  2. Visit Student Management -> Student Profiles and click Import.
  3. Select the file with student data and click Upload.

File Format and Extension

The supported file extensions are TXT and CSV. The import file is a “Comma Separated Values” file.
Each new line must represent one individual student profile.
The entries for each student are separated with a semi-colon   ;
There is a limit of how many entries can be imported with one file. The maximum number of entries that can be imported at one go is indicated on the Upload tool. If you have to import more profiles you have to use the import tool several times splitting your list into multiple files.

Version 1: Auto generate username/password

Line format: email-address;full-name 

Sample:;John Smith;Mery Smith


Version 2: Login name provided. Auto generate password

Line format: email-address;full-name;login-name

Sample:;John Smith;johnsmith;Mery Smith;mary.smith


Items with usernames that already exists at Electa Live will be skipped. An error report will be generated.
All usernames must comply with the “Valid Username Policy”.


Version 3: Login name and password provided.

Line format: email-address;full-name;login-name;password

Sample:;John Smith;johnsmith;azHG1!#23;Mery Smith;mary.smith;mary#sStrongPa$$Word


Items with usernames that already exists at Electa Live will be skipped. An error report will be generated.



Optionally you may specify that one or more users have to be imported into an existing user group. You can do so by providing a group id (as exists in your Electa Live User Groups database) at the end of the line. If you would like to create a new group a group name has to be provided along with the group Id.

Sample:;John Smith;johnsmith;azHG1!#23;G 01;Mery Smith;mary.smith;mary#sStrongPa$$Word;ENG 01;English Level 1

In the above example the first entry will be imported into an existing group with ID “G 01”. The second entry will be imported into a group with if “ENG 01”. If such a group does not exist it will be created.
The following are also valid examples:;John Smith;;;G 01;Mery Smith;mary.smith;;ENG 01;English Level 1

Line 1 (above) will be imported into an existing group and a username/password will be automatically generated. For the user from Line 2 only a password will be generated (username is provided) and a new group will be created (if it does not exist).

Each import set may contain items with a different format as below:;John Smith;johnsmith;azHG1!#23;Mery Smith;mary.smith;;ENG 01;English Level 1;Steven Miller