Audio from some users is distorted or speeding up


Some users may experience distorted audio or audio speeding. Users may sound like chipmunk.



This effect is usually a result of an intermittent internet connection.  As of Electa Live Version 8 we have introduced a new technology called "Audio Catch-up". The Audio Catch-up activates itself on slow and intermittent speed Internet connections. It monitors the speed of the user internet connection. When the Catch-Up subsystem detects audio delays on a user computer it starts playing the audio stream at a slightly faster pace until it catches up with the others. This results in hearing the presenter or user whose audio is delayed speaking at a little bit faster pace than normal for a few seconds until the delayed audio is compensated. Once the delay is compensated the audio resumes to its normal pace.

This mechanism ensures everyone is in sync. It reduces the audio choppiness that may appear on slow internet connections.

Users can turn off the Audio Catch-up at any time from File - Settings - Audio Settings.