Why do I get a timeout message when trying to connect to a live session

Some users may get a connection timeout message when they try to connect to a live online session if connecting from behind a proxy server or a firewall that runs on their computer or on their network.

The message may read one of the following:

- An error or timeout occurred while matching the Electa Live Virtual room version.
- The Proxy server closed the connection. Please check your Proxy settings and configuration and try again.
- The proxy server (...) denied the connection with the following response: ....
- The connection to the Proxy server failed. Some proxies may require additional username/password authentication...

How to handle this issue

A Proxy server allows networks to connect to each other. Proxy servers are commonly found on corporate networks. If you are unable to get Electa Live to connect in your corporate network, it could be that your company uses a proxy server. If your company uses a proxy server you may need to contact your company system administrator for assistance.

Some Electa Live users might experience problems connecting due to installed firewall on their computer or due to a router or a gateway which has a restrictive connection policy.

If you are connecting from office or form behind a proxy or a restrictive firewall, please ask your office network administrator for assistance, providing them with the following technical reference:

Firewall and Proxy Configuration