API 3.0 - Deleting User Profiles

This API is used if you want to delete a user from your database. Deleting a user will also remove any additional data associated with that profile - including personal images, personal files, subscriptions to events or courses etc.


Call: <API_URL>/Event/Delete
Supported HTML Methods: HTTP-GET / HTTP-POST
Communications Level: Server-to-Server
Result: XML


CID - Integer, Required, Account Id, Sample: 12345

Token - String, Required, Sample: 9C467079-FE3B-45C5-8AA5-9726397081AA
A valid session token obtain from a previous call to the Authentication namespace for the above Account Id.

UID - Integer, Required, Sample: 2231112
The number identifier of the user to be deleted. This is not the username.
It is the internal number identifier which is obtained when creating a user from an API call.

Sample Call


The result is an XML set with a response code and a description. If the function fails an error code and an error description is returned. Similarly, upon success, a "Success" message is returned. 
This call will fail if you try to remove the master administrator of the account. This is the user who created the Electa account.