Course Gradebook Report

All the grades for each student's assignment or quiz in a course can be found in the Course Gradebook. The Gradebook report collects all graded assignments and quizzes from all parts of a course that are assessed. When you add an assessed (graded) assignment or quiz in a course it is automatically added to the course Gradebook.

 To generate a Gradebook report open your course manager page, locate the course you would like to run the report for and click the red options button. Then click on the "Show Gradebook (by students)".

The Gradebook report is contains all graded assignments and quizzes and shows all students who have started working or have completed the tasks.


Please note the that standalone assignments which are not attached to a course are not included in the course Gradebook report. Also assignments which do not carry any points are not included either.

The Gradebook report can also be exported to Excel.