I am getting an [Audio Error 35] stating it is Unable to initialize the audio engine.

This article applies to Windows users.


Users get an error message with Audio Error 35 code and a message that reads Unable to initialize the Audio engine.


Description and Solution

This error message indicates a potential problem with the computer audio device or the codec Electa Live uses to transmit live audio. To resolve this issue you may try to manually re-install the virtual room plug-in to eliminate the chances of a corrupt codec.

The virtual room plug-in can be found on our plug-in download page. If after the installation the problem persists please try the following options:

Make sure your computer has the most recent audio drivers installed.

Reboot your computer then make sure the correct audio device is selected.

Run the audio wizard and try to configure your settings. Please complete both steps of the audio tests - speakers and microphone.

You may test your audio settings at any time using our system configuration room on our support website.