Electa Live for Android Phones and Tablets

Electa Live for Android is available on Google Play for free. You can download it on the following address or search Google Play for Electa Live 8.

Download from Google Play

The app is needed for both students and session hosts who want to attend or host live sessions. To attend live sessions or play recorded classes this app has to be installed on the device.

   After installing the app please  go back to your Android web browser on your mobile device and follow the link to your event. Please note that only the native Android web browser (Internet) will launch your session.


For users who have no access to the Android Play Store, you can download the app from here:

Android Version 8 and above



Android Version 6 and above



For older Android devices (running Android version 5 and lower)

https://www.e-lectazone.com/setupfiles/Android/4/Electa Live 8.apk