Customize the appearance of the logon page

This article explains how to publish custom content on your logon page and personalize your site.

The default log on page of Electa LMS has just a logon form. You may wish to customize the logon page by adding content or even video to it.

Default Logon Page

Custom Logon Page

To add custom content to your logon page please follow the steps below:

Log into your admin account and click on Account Settings -> Look & Feel.

Scroll down to the "Customize Logon Page" area and fill in the empty field with your custom content. You can use the HTML editor to design your page.

The HTML editor supports basic HTML formatting, links to external websites, images and videos.

To save the content click on Apply. To clear any previously loaded custom coronet and restore the default logon page click the Clear button.

Additional customization options are also available like uploading a custom logo, changing colors by selecting a predefined theme, adding SEO tools. All customization options are available on the Look & Feel page as described above.