How to prepare a simple Poll?

Electa Live allows creating simple online polls and surveys. To create a quiz or survey, please check the article Create Online Quizzes

To arrange a poll click the Polling button on the main toolbar. In the new window type the survey question and choose two or more predefined options.

To launch the poll click the "Send" button. Optionally you can save your poll to a file or re-open a saved poll. You can also see the latest results by clicking on the arrow beside the Polling button and selecting "Show the latest poll results...." from the drop-down menu.

You can also save some of your Polls as a Favourite Poll by marking the box "Add this poll to my favourite polls"

To remove a poll from the “Favourite Polls” follow these steps, click on File >> Settings >> “Manage Stored Polls”. Mark the poll and press Delete.