Affiliates & Tracking

This article explains how to create affiliates, track students' registrations and customer leads sources.

With Electa LMS you may publish student registration forms as well as live class schedule and course catalogs on third part websites. This is explained in our integration related guides:

In certain cases however you may want to be able to track where new student registrations come from as well as which third party website brings you most customers. You can do this by assigning an affiliate ID to each published form, calendar or catalog. In this case when a student registers or purchases a live event or an online course you will be able to track where this customer lead came from.

For each affiliate (or remote website) you have to create a new Affiliate item. To do so click on Account Settings > Affiliates & Tracking and create a new affiliate using the button.

Each new entry receives a unique code. This code has to be applied as a parameter to the respective HTML code that you embed. This looks lik:


Below is an example of a course calendar form with added an affiliate ID.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="500" height="500"


An affiliate report is available which shows what customer leads have been created from each Affiliate for a specified time frame. The report is accessible from the "Affiliates Report" button.