Student Records. Storing Information About Students

Schools, universities and online training organizations often need to keep and track different types of details about their students. Such information may include:

  • Copies of documents like passports, previous diplomas or other scanned documents
  • Comments about student behavior and discipline comments
  • Notes of any other type and nature

…in other words - information gathered throughout the course of the education, which forms a kind of a complete student dossier.


Electa LMS provides functionality for keeping various types of records and information about your students. 

The Student Records menu can be accessed from the Student Management section of your Electa LMS account.


Types of Access

Users with administrative access can browse the records of all registered students.

Users with lower level of access can have access only to students or groups they are allowed to see as set in the respective permissions

Students can only see records related to the but only those records which are set to be visible by the respective student


Adding / Creating a New Record

To do so click the Create button, choose the student using the magnifying glass button.

Choose a type of record you are creating. The following options are available:

  • Conduct/Behavior
  • Discipline/Penalty
  • General Note
  • House Points/Award
  • Document

Choose who can have access to this type of record as follows:

  • Admins Only - such records are exclusively available to administration only. The student in question does not see such records.
  • Admins and the Student Only - such records are visible to administration and the student in question. The teachers of that student do not see these records
  • Admins and Relevant Teachers - records with this type of access are only visible to the administration and the teachers who have access to that student profiles as set in your permissions. The student cannot see such records.
  • Admins, Relevant Teachers and the Student - Similar to the above but records with this access type are visible also to the student.

Type the information in the text filed describing the matter of this record

Attach a file optionally. Every record can have one single file attached to it. To attach multiple files you need to create multiple records.

Finally click Apply to save the record.

A system notification message may be sent to the student to notify them of a record being created for them only if the access type involves the student in question.