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Creating Online Polls


  How To Create An Online Poll

To create a new online poll click on Resources > Online Polls. This will take you to the polls and surveys section.

Click the Create Poll button and fill in the information about this new poll.


New Poll Attributes

Along with the Id, Poll Title, Created by and the description you have to specify two dates/hours. Available After is the date/time after each students will be able to start working on this task. Due Date is the deadline by which students have to submit their work on this task.

Quiz Options and Attributes

Allow students to navigate over the questions - when this option is ON users are allowed to skip a question and go back and forth over the questions, instead of completing them in a strict order.

For each poll you can specify the following poll statistics options:


Do not show- when this option is selected, the poll statistics are not visible for the users completing the poll. 

Show after each answer- when this is the selected choice, the user receives feedback on how many other votes there have been selected for each answer for this specific question. The statistics are shown straight after the user inputs their answer.

Show on poll completion-  With this option, the user is notified on the poll statistics at the end after completing the entire set of questions.

On completion of the poll details you can select what to do next.

Student Access

The polls and surveys are standard Electa Live resources. As such, they can be added as course resources. In this case all course enrollees will have to complete the poll that belongs to their course. In this case you do not need to worry about assigning users to the quiz as they automatically get access to it through the course.

However, If you do not use courses, you have to specify the target audience of each assignment or quiz, by selecting individual students or student groups from your database. You can do so after saving the poll by clicking on Select Students.


Adding Questions

As soon as the poll is saved you will be prompted to start building the poll questions. Each poll must have at least one question. To add a question to a poll click the Add Questions button.
For each question you have to provide the following information:

The question itself. This is what students read first. For example: "Which is your favorite season?"
Additional description: This is an optional description of your question. For example: "Please do not leave any blank questions".

Answer Types
For each question you can specify how students answer. There are four different questions types you may choose from.

Select one- These are questions with only one correct answer. The students may select only one of the answers when submitting the question at completion.

Select many- These are multiple choice questions. The students can select one or more correct answers to such questions.

Order by Importance-  These are questions that allow students to rank each answer by importance. For example: What are top three places you would like to visit: The Colosseum, The Eifel Tower, The Statue of Liberty. Order them by preference.

Open questions- These are questions with no predefined answers. For such questions students have to type their answer in free form which is plain text.


Attachments to Questions

For each question you can optionally upload an attachment. This can be an image or any other media or document file. Files can also be selected from the Resource Library as well. Questions with attachments are displayed like that (design mode).

Questions with Feedback

For some questions you may want to provide immediate feedback to students as soon as they submit their answer. The feedback is a short text message that appears on the student’s screen after confirming the answer. This could be a thanks message or even a hint on the answer itself.
To provide a feedback fill in the optional feedback field.


Updating Existing Polls

You can update the poll description and details or the poll questions of an existing poll. To do so open the polling area and click the red options button next to the poll. Then select Modify to change the details information or Manage Poll Questions to add, remove or update the questions.

Questions of polls that are already in progress (students have started to work on them) cannot be modified. For such polls you can only change the time frame (deadline) and some basic information. Questions of such polls cannot be edited.
Polls can be copied. To create a new poll from an existing one use the Copy Poll Option from the menu.








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