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Automatic emails not reaching out to students and teachers


Some users may experience the following issues when receive automatic email messages from Electa LMS.


Password recovery emails not received
Automatic emails not reaching out to students
Email invitations for live events and classes not received
Email messages end up in spam folder




Username / Password Recovery Emails not Received

If you are requesting a password recovery and no email is received please make sure that you have provided the email address that is associated with your student or teacher profile. Also check your spam or bulk email folder as sometimes automatic emails may end up in these.


Automatic Emails not Received

If automatic messages for invitations, assignments, registrations and others are not received please make sure that student email address on record is correct. Make necessary changes in the user profile if needed and specify the correct email address. Then try re-sending the respective emails again.

If the email address on record is correct please ask your student to check their SPAM / bulk email folder as some emails may end up in it.

Some email servers may block automatic messages from certain senders. Electa Live sends all automatic messages from Please add this email address to the safe senders list of your email box.

You may also contact your email provider and request for assistance and check if any restrictions are applied.




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