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Custom Certificate Templates

Certificates and Diplomas

This article explains how to create and manage custom certificates and diploma templates.

Electa Live provides several standard templates to use for your course certificates and diplomas. You can also create custom templates with your design and logo.

Custom Certificate and Diploma templates are regular PDF forms. You can create a PDF form with Adobe Acrobat DC or any other PDF-Form creating software.

In your custom PDF form, you must include one or more text form fields and name each filed accordingly. The name of the filed determines what data it will show when generating the certificate.

For instance: If you have a field named StudentName the field will display the name of the student when printing the certificate or diploma.

The following standard form-filed names are supported:

CourseName – Will show the name of the course this certificate/diploma is issued for.
CourseLeader – Will display the name of the course leader.
StudentName – When found will be replaced with the name of the student who the certificate is issued for.
CompanyName – When found will be replaced with the name of your company/school as specified in the Account Settings area.
CompanyContactPerson – When found will be replaced with the account holder name, as specified in the Account Settings area.
CertificateId – Will display a unique identifier for this certificate.
IssueDate – The date when this certificate is issued.
Text – Will display some free form text specified at the time of issuing the certificate.

Extra fields related to the Student/User
UserCompany - corresponds to the user company/profession field
UserAddress - corresponds to the user address
UserCity - corresponds to the city field
UserZip - corresponds to the Postal code/ Zip of the user
UserUniversityId - corresponds to the University ID field

The below video shows how you can create a custom certificate template using Adobe DC (form creator), but any other PDF form creator can be used.

First you start by designing the image file that will be the background of your certificate. This is where you place your logo as well as all static texts.

Then you open the pdf form creator tool and load the image. Finally place the dynamic text controls and name them accordingly.

When your pdf form is ready save it on your computer and then upload it by visiting Account Settings > Certificate Templates of your Electa LMS admin area.


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