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Resource Access Permissions Explained

Permissions and Access Management

 This article discusses different permission options which can be set on resources – Recordings, Files, Quizzes, Assignments, Events and Courses.

Electa Live supports different types of resources and activities. These are:

Individual files in your resource library,
Recorded live events (available in your Recordings Library)
Assignments and quizzes
Online courses

The first 4 items above are “simple” resources, while Online courses are “complex” resources which may contain other resources as a part of the learning content. For example, an online course may have a few files (from your resource library), several recorded sessions, some assignments and so on…

With Electa Live you can specify who can have access over your resources. For each resource you can give individual or group access permissions.
Thus you can make certain files available only to individual students or to a whole group of students. For instance: The Year 10 Science class may have access to files that are relevant to their course. The same applies to all other types of resources.
For each resource there is a common access permission part where you specify who can have access to that resource. It looks like this:

The above permission settings can be found on all resources. Here are some video tutorials explaining how to set up permissions on certain resource types:

Upload Resource Files and Give Access Permissions (Give direct access to resource library items)
Record Electa Live Sessions and Manage Access to Recordings (Give direct access to recorded classes)

Important: All users who are given access to an Online course automatically receive access to all simple resources that are included in that course. This means that if a user is enrolled in an online course (permissions to access a certain course are granted) he automatically gets access to all course simple resources. There is no need to give extra permissions on simple resources separately.

This video tutorial explains how to manage the access to your online courses: Manage Access to Courses

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