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API 3.0 - Events, Extracting Part of The Calendar

API 3.0

With this API call you can extract a part of your events calendar for a specified time frame, room number and a presenter.

Extracting Part of Your Event Calendar

Call: <API_URL>/event/list/
Supported HTML Methods: GET
Communications Level: Server-to-Server
Result: XML


CID - Integer, Required, Account Id, Sample: 12345

Token - String, Required, Sample: 9C467079-FE3B-45C5-8AA5-9726397081AA
A valid session token obtain from a previous call to the Authentication namespace for the above Account Id.

StartDateTime -  String, Required, mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, Sample: 12/18/2018 23:45:00
The beginning date and time to start from. 

- String, Required, mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, Sample: 12/20/2018 12:45:00
The end date and time to include in the list.

TimeZoneId - Integer, Optional, Sample: 101
The time zone identifier to use for StartDateTime and EndDateTime. This parameter is not required.
If not specified the date/time values will be in the company default time zone as set on the Look & Feel page.
A list of all valid time zone identifiers can be found in the Time Zones topic.

- Integer, Optional, Sample: 1234
The room ID number to list events for.
If not provided all account classrooms will be included in the result.

OrganizerId - Integer, Options, Sample: 1023127
The number id of the user (set as event organizer) to show event.
If provided only events for this organizer will be displayed.


Example Call 23:45:00
&EndDateTimeUTC=12/18/2018 23:45:00&RoomId=1234&OrganizerId=1023127


Example Result


            <Topic>Photography 2.0: Aperture Explained</Topic>
            <Description>In this session I will explain all about aperture</Description>
            <EventLocalDateTime>1/5/2017 4:00 PM</EventLocalDateTime>
            <EventOriginalDateTime>10/13/2016 6:00 PM</EventOriginalDateTime>
            <RecStopDate>1/7/2017 12:00 AM</RecStopDate>
            <RegStartDateTime>10/1/2016 5:10 PM</RegStartDateTime>
            <RegEndDateTime>12/31/2016 5:00 PM</RegEndDateTime>


 Results Explained

ID - The internal ID of the event,
EventCode - the unique event code,
OccurenceNo - the consecutive number of the event occurrence of a recurring event,
RoomId - the numeric room identifier of the room that hosts the event,
Topic/Description - the event topic and description,
EventLocalDateTime - the starting date/time of the event in the requested time zone. For recurring events this is the starting date/time of the occurrence,
EventLocalTzId - the time zone identifier of the event in which EventLocalDateTime is displayed,
EventOriginalDateTime - the original date/time of the event as created in the session schedule. For recurring events - this is the date/time of the first occurrence as created originally,
EventOriginalTzId - the original time zone of the event,
EventDuration - the duration of the event in minutes,
EventOpenPrior - the number of minutes prior the starting time when the event unlocks and users may attend,
PresenterId - the internal number id of the user set as a presenter,
EventStatus - the current status of the event, where 0 stays for normal, 1 stays for cancelled,
Password - the extra password (if specified),
IsRecurring - a number, where 1 indicates a recurring event, 0 indicates an event which occurs only once,
RecFrequency - a number indicating the frequency of the recurring event, where 1 is "every", 2 is "every other", 3 is "every third" etc...
RecPeriod - a letter indicating the frequency type where "d" stays for "Day", "ww" stays for "Week", "mm" stays for "Month", "yyyy" stays for "Year"
RecPeriodEx - a mask indicating the week days in which a recurring event occurs (only for recurring type "ww"). The first number is Sunday, the last one is Saturday. So 0010100 indicates the event occurs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
RecMaxOccurrences - the maximum number of occurrences of this event,
RecStopDate - the latest date after which the recurring event will no longer take place. If RecStopDate is empty and RecMaxOccurrences is 0 this indicates a perpetual recurring event with no ending date.
ListOnFront - indicates if the event is displayed in your public calendars and all published calendars,
RegStartDateTime - For self-registration events only. Indicates the date on which the self-registration is open,
RegEndDateTime - For self-registration events only. Indicates the latest date after which the registration closes.
MaxAttendees - the maximum number of people that can register for this event (self registration events only). For all other events the maximum capacity is determined by the virtual classroom capacity.
PaidEvent - "1" indicates an event that requires a payment, "0" indicates a non-paid event,
EventCurrency - the currency abbreviation in which the event price is specified. Sample "USD", or "GBP",
EventPrice - the price of the event (for paid events only),
AccessType - the type of the access to this event. The following types are supported: 0 - Open for everyone who has the link, 2 - Available for all users with a username/password, 3 - Available only for users selected in advance, 4 - Self-registration (or paid event), 1 - "reserved for system use".
EventURL - the URL which is an entry point to the event which can be published on a web page.

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