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Where do my recorded sessions reside?

Session Recording and Playback

Where are the recordings stored

Electa Live stores your recorded sessions in our cloud infrastructure. Once you complete a recording it is securely stored in our cloud storage.

You can get manage your recorded sessions from your Resources admin menu. Click on Recorded Classes and you will find a list of all your files from where you can give playback access and permissions as well as download your files.

Is there any limits on recordings

Currently we do not place any limits on how many recordings you may keep or how many hours you may record. We provide unlimited storage for recordings as well as there is no limit on how much hours you can record.


How long are my recordings kept for

There is no limit on how much time your recordings will be kept for. It is only enough to keep your Electa Live account active. If you let your Electa Live account to expire our system will permanently remove your files if you fail to renew your account within the next couple of days.




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