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Recorded Session Properties and Access Permissions

Recorded Sessions

This article discusses the following topics:

  • Access Your Recorded Sessions Library
  • Change Recordings Properties
  • Apply Playback Permissions
  • Extract Playable and Download Links


This article applies only to account admins and session moderators. Students do not have access to the below options.


Accessing the Recordings Library

To access the recorded sessions library you have to be logged in with a teacher profile. Account administrators have access to all recorded sessions, while moderator-teachers can access only sessions they have recorded in their classrooms.

Click on Resources -> Recorded Classes on the main menu. The list shows all recordings that you are allowed to access.


The Recording Properties Page

On the properties page you can change the title of your recording, assign one or more resource groups, set playback permissions to your students, as well as get playback and download links that can be used to publish your recording a website.


To change the title of your recording fill in the Title edit box.

To assign one or more resource groups to this recording use the Add Resource Group button and select the resource group this recording belongs to. This helps later finding your recordings easily. You can read more about resource groups in the related articles (at the end of this page).


Setting Permissions

Important: The below permissions are set up directly on recordings. Recordings assigned to courses can be played by users who are allowed to attend the respective course. Please refer to the related articles to read more about resource permissions.


To mark that your recording is available for playback by students turn on the "Available for playback" option. Then select the appropriate access option from the drop-down menu. The following are available:


Anonymous visitors can play this recording. This option will publish your recording on your front page making it available for anyone who visits your site.
All users who are registered under your company. This option will restrict the access to all your students. Only students who have usernames/password can play the file.
Only the following users and groups. This options applies even more restrictions by limiting the users who can play this recording. You have to select users or groups of people.



To limit the access over certain users or groups use the third option "Only the following users and groups" and select the people who should have access to the file by using the two selection buttons below. You can select individual students or whole groups of students.


You can also allow your users to download the recording. To do so use the option "Also allow the permitted users to download the file".

Please note that once a file is downloaded locally you have absolutely no options to stop your users from playing it or sharing it with other people. Even if you disable the access to the file in your library, locally downloaded files remain with their users.


Extracting Links to Recordings

Sometimes you may want to get a direct link to your recording and publish it on your website. To do so use the Get Links button on your properties page. It will open the links dialog page.

Copy the respective link and use it as you need on your website or by sending it in an email.


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