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The New Electa Live for Windows Available

Electa Live Virtual Classroom

Electa Live version 8.2 is the newest Electa Live version now available for Windows 10 users. This updated classroom app can be downloaded and installed from the following page:

Along with the new updated app which is recommended for all students and trainers we will continue to support the old 8.0 version so that users who feel comfortable with it can still use it.

Important: to benefit the full features of the new Electa Live app you need to have a Windows 10 version with latest updates installed. You can check that from Settings > System > About. Make sure you have at least version 1093 of Windows installed.

What Has Been Changed and Updated in V. 8.2.

Improved Comprehensive Interface

    - Brand new easier to navigate and more intuitive interface
    - Touch screen friendly
    - Support for high definition displays and proper scaling
    - Easier navigation for visually impaired users
    - Language neutral interface


Whiteboard Redesigned

    - Smoother whiteboard drawing and writing experience
    - A revamped whiteboard toolbar and navigation
    - Slide navigation improved

Screen Sharing

    - Faster screen sharing
    - Lower bandwidth
    - Proper scaling

Guided Web Browser

    - Guided web browser uses a chromium engine
    - Support for HTML5 pages
    - Support for YouTube

Audio & Video

    - Support for more webcams
    - Fixed an issue with proportions
    - Different audio modes for trainers teaching in a hybrid environment


    - Significantly improved payback
    - Smooth and fast forwarding and rewinding
    - Automatic slide scaling and fitting

A quick video review is available below


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