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Electa Live API 3.0 - Overview

API 3.0

What is This Electa Live API Designed For

The purpose of this API is to link an existing web based system (LMS, SMS and CMS) with an Electa Live hosted account. This API requires an active Electa Live subscription which supports API calls.

With the API you can access your virtual classrooms directly from your website placing students and session moderators with one single authentication procedure - on your website.


Enabling and Disabling the API Access

The API access is enabled through the web based control panel. You must be logged in with an administrator account. To access the API settings visit Account Settings -> HTML Integration and API menu. Then click on “API Access Settings” link.

On the following page you will find your numeric Account Id (or Customer Id) and Application Key. They are needed to access the API.

The API is enabled when there is an Application key specified. Click on the Generate New Key button to generate an API key.

To disable the API access you have to clear the Application Key and save or just click the Disable API Access button.

Finally click Apply to save all changes.


Important: You Application Key must be kept in secret. Please do not expose/transfer your application key to the client browser when accessing the API. Always use server-to-server communications when you have to call a function that requires an Application Key. If your key gets compromised generate a new one as explained above.



The  API 3.0 URL is

Non SSL connections are not supported.


API Namespaces

The API 3.0 provides several namespaces.

Authentication Namespace – This namespace authenticates all calls to the API by generating a security session token. This is the first call that has to be made before doing any other calls to other namespaces.

Direct Classroom Access Namespace – this namespace is designed to launch a classroom directly from the client browser placing a user into the classroom.

Recorded Sessions Namespace- this namespace provides calls to get access to the recordings from the recorded session’s library.

Reporting Namespace – this namespace implements calls to extract the user attendance log records for reporting purposes.

User Management Namespace – provides calls to manage user accounts.

Event Namespace – Provides calls for creating and deleting live calendar events as well as extracting parts of your calendar of events.


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