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Using grade scales and grade letters. Creating custom grade scales.

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With Electa Live you can generate Grade book reports for course assignments and quizzes. By default all Grade book reports and assignments show the results in points and percents. Electa Live however provides an option to convert these results into grades using a standard or a custom grading scale.

There are several standard grade scales available to choose from. They are accessible from Account Settings -> Grade Scales.

Select one of the existing scales from the list to make it default for your account. Once you select a grading scale all assessed tasks and grade book reports will show the respective grade letter next to the percentage achieved.


To create a custom grade scale use the [+] (or the clone) button to create a new scale (or inherit a scale and modify it).

Click Apply to save the new scheme and make it active.

You can switch scales at any time and rerun your reports.

Electa LMS calculates the grade letter for each task using the percentage achieved by the respective student. This means that percents are converted to grades as per the rules defined in the scale being used. You can only have one active scale at a time.


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