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API 3.0 - Direct Classroom Access

API 3.0

Direct Classroom Access Namespace

With this API call you can place students and teachers into your Electa Live virtual classrooms directly from your website.

The following prerequisites are needed to use this API call

Your system has its own student/teacher database.
Each individual user authenticates on your website with a personal username and password.
Your system has a class/event schedule for the live classes.
Your system can determine if it is time for a class to start, according to its own schedule.
The API also assumes that your system “knows” who is allowed to attend and respectively it can display an “Enter Class” button or a link for each logged student or teacher if a class is about to start.

If you can ensure the above prerequisites are available in your website (LMS) you can use the Direct Classroom Access calls to place students and teachers in your virtual classrooms as per your schedule .

API Call

Authentication Namespace: /launch/
Supported HTML Methods: HTTP-POST from the client browser
Communications Level: Only Client-Server


Email - (required), the email address of the user as exists in your database,
FirstName - (required), the first name of the user,
LastName - (required), the last name of the user,

UserType - (required *), the type of user to place in the classroom. STD - Student, MDR - Moderator.
    * This parameter will be discarded in case your Electa LMS configuration applies a limit on the number of teachers.
      In this case only users of type STD will be created.
    * You can also disable the creation of session moderators on the account level on the HTML & API settings page.

UniqueUserName - (required *), this is a unique string to identify the user.
Normally this is the username/logon name or email address of the user as it exists in your database.
If you call several times this API for one and the same user you have to provide the same value for UniqueUserName.
In API 2.0 and earlier this used to be called ExternalName.

Other optional parameters

Gender - (optional), M - Male, F - Female, N - not specified or other,
Address - (optional), the address of the user,
Phone - (optional), the phone number of the user


Sample Code

<form target="_blank" method=post action="">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Cid" value="12345">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Token" value="9C467079-FE3B-45C5-8AA5-9726397081AA">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Roomid" value="1234">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Usertype" value="STD">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Firstname" value="George">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Lastname" value="Edwards">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="Email" value="">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="UniqueUsername" value="unique_id_for_gerorgeedwards">
    <INPUT TYPE="submit" value="Enter Class">

Upon a successful call the client browser will be redirected to the classroom launching page and the virtual classroom will open placing inside the student (or moderator) with the specified name. If this is a first time user the classroom plug-in will be installed on the user computer.


Important! Please Read!

This API call does not require you to create your users in advance in Electa Live. THIS IS NOT NEEDED. The only thing needed is to fill in the parameters as in the example. An user entry will be automatically created and the user will be placed into the classroom.

Your system must be able to control the access to the entry buttons. That is – show them only when a class is about to start or only when the user is allowed to enter the classroom.

The “CID” parameter is your Account Id. You can find it under the HTML Integration & API menu > API Access.

The “RoomID” parameter is a unique number which you can find under the Management > Virtual Classrooms menu. You may have to store that room # also in your database (usually the class schedule table).

Some Electa configurations support multiple rooms. A common practice is to keep the room numbers in your database along with each event.

Restrictions Apply

Electa Easy and Easy+ do not support this API.

Electa Tutor Pro supports the API but does not support users of type MDR (moderator/teacher). Since this is a single tutor account the only teacher is supposed to enter the class using the Elect Admin area

All unlimited teacher configurations do not have the above restrictions.


If you submit non Latin letters for the students’ names – for example Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Hebrew etc, please do not forget to use the UTF-8 encoding in the HTTP headers of the pages which contain the above code.

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