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API 3.0 - Recorded Sessions, Listing

API 3.0

With this API call you can obtain a list of your recorded sessions for a specified room Id and a time frame.

  Call: <API_URL>/Recordings/List/
Supported HTML Methods: GET
Communications Level: Server-to-Server
Result: XML


CID - Integer, Required, Account Id, Sample: 12345

Token - String, Required, Sample: 9C467079-FE3B-45C5-8AA5-9726397081AA
A valid session token obtain from a previous call to the Authentication namespace for the above Account Id.

StartDateTimeUTC -  String, optional, mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, Sample: 12/18/2018 23:45:00
The beginning date and time to start from. 

- String, optional, mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, Sample: 12/20/2018 12:45:00
The end date and time to include in the list.

If no dates are specified the system will display all of the items for the provided virtual room.
If only Start date is specified the call will return the logs starting from this date.
If only End date is provided the call will return all items until that date/time.

- Integer, Required, Sample: 1234
The room ID number to list items for.
If not provided all account classrooms will be included in the result.


Sample Call


Sample Result

            <RecordingName>New Recording</RecordingName>
            <UTCRecordDateTime>8/6/2016 3:45 PM</UTCRecordDateTime>
            <RecordingName>New Recording</RecordingName>
            <UTCRecordDateTime>10/3/2016 2:35 PM</UTCRecordDateTime>

The call will return an XML result set. Each item (recording) is in a separate <item> node.

With this call obtain obtain one or more recordings which took place during a specific live event. To do this you have to provide the proper Room ID parameter as well as the starting/ending time of the live event as parameters to the call.


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