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API 3.0 - Users, Creating Student and Teacher Accounts

API 3.0

This topic describes how to create user accounts (teachers and students) using an API call. Please note you may not need to this if you are using the Direct Classroom Access Api and if you have your own student database. The Direct Classrooms Access API automatically creates users and places them into a classroom. You may only need to use this API if you have no own user database.


Teachers can only be created if the account configuration supports multiple teachers. API calls towards single teacher accounts will automatically discard all teacher-related parameters and only student accounts will be created.


Call: <API_URL>/User/Create
Supported HTML Methods: HTTP-GET / HTTP-POST
Communications Level: Server-to-Server
Result: XML


CID - Integer, Required, Account Id, Sample: 12345

Token - String, Required, Sample: 9C467079-FE3B-45C5-8AA5-9726397081AA
A valid session token obtain from a previous call to the Authentication namespace for the above Account Id.

Email - String, Required. The email address of the user. Users with existing email addresses may be created
only if the respective option is configured under the "Look & Feel" menu of the account settings.

FirstName - String, Required. The user first name. Sample: John.

LastName - String, Required. The user last name. Sample: Smith.

UserType - String, Required. The type of the user to be created.
The following values are accepted: STD - Student, MDR - Teacher Moderator, ADM - Teacher Administrator.
The option will only have effect on configurations with unlimited teachers.
For all other configurations it will be discarded and only students will be created.
You can disable the option from the admin area > Account Settings > HTML Integration & API > API Access.

Gender - Character, Optional. Accepted values - M, F, N, where n stays for not provided.

Address - String, Optional, The address of the user.

Zip - String, Optional, Zip/ Postal Code of the user.

Phone - String, Optional. The user's phone number.

Other Parameters Only Applicable to users of type MDR.

CanCreateUsers - Optional, Boolean (True/False). If True, gives a permission to the teacher to create student accounts.

CanSetUpEvents - Optional, Boolean (True/False). If True, gives a permission to the teacher to schedule events.

CanAccessForeignUsers, - Optional, Boolean (True/False). If false, this teacher can only see students he is permitted to.

CanBrowseModerators - Optional, Boolean (True/False). If false, this teacher cannot see other teachers on record.

CanRemoveUserAccounts - Optional, Boolean (True/False). If false, this teacher cannot delete student profiles.

If the call succeeds an XML result is returned with the newly created user passing back the username and password of the user. If the call fails the result is the error code.

Sample Call

Sample Result

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <Name>GeorgeS Sandev</Name>

The XML result contains as pass back parameters your company id, the user type effectively created, email address, the name of the user, the number identifier of the user, which you can use in other API calls. The username and password are auto generated. You may email these to your user which will act as an email address validation or you may simply display them to him. Please make sure to use a secure connection to display logon information.


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