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How do I use my own domain. I have a domain I would like to use.

Site Management and Configurations

Electa Live supports accessing your Learning Management System through a custom domain which you already own like To use this option you need to have your own domain purchased from a domain registration company.

Configuring a custom domain is two step process. The first step is to configure your Electa Live account with the new domain name. The second step is to configure your domain name to point to your Electa Live account.


Step 1: Configuring Your Electa Live Account

Log into your LMS account with administrator username and password.

Click Account Settings -> Look & Feel menu.

Click the Configure Your Own Domain button.

Fill in the Custom Domain field. Click the Apply button.

Do not specify any http:// or http:// protocol prefix. Make sure to have the custom domain without

Step 2: Configuring your domain DNS record

The next thing you must do is to configure your DNS settings. DNS stands for Domain Name System, and a DNS server determines what site a given address takes you to. So far, you have a domain name but none of the servers on the internet know that this specific domain handles your Electa Live Learning Management System. To take care of this, you need to create a CNAME record for your domain, which should be configured as follows:


The exact procedure for doing this varies depending on your domain registrar, if you run into difficulties, you can contact your registrar directly and they'll be able to help you out. Please note that the setup process for newly-purchased domains may take up to 24 hours if configured correctly. So please allow some time for the changes to take effect.

The domain name must belong to you and you have to be able to modify its DNS settings at your registrar's site. The above record will make your Electa Live site to be accessible in the web browser by typing

Please note that your original address will still be functional. You can use both your custom domain version or the one at any time.

SSL/HTTPS is not available on custom domains. This means that your users will not be able to open because there is no SSL certificate installed on our servers for this domain.

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