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How to lock your portal for all students at once

Permissions and Access Management

At certain times you may need to be able to prevent your students from logging into the portal. There could be multiple reasons for you to wish to do so including: school holidays, non-technology days, times during which you need to restructure your information and time tables etc, etc...

To lock your portal for all students so that they cannot log into their profiles do as follows:

  • Log on as administrator
  • Click on Look & Feel Menu under the Account Settings
  • Scroll down to find the Lock Portal section
  • Check the option Lock the portal
  • Type a message in the field that will be displayed to your students when they try to logon whine the portal is locked.
  • Save the changes.

 The portal cannot be locked for trainers and administrators. If you wish to do so for all trainers use the Group Locking option or you may have to apply individual access restrictions.



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