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Increasing The Quality of PDF Files


This article describes the steps needed to increase the quality of text of pages (pdf files) that you upload in your Presentation Library in your virtual classroom. It applies to teachers and moderators who use the Windows version of the virtual classroom.

Problem Description & Solution

Some PDF files when uploaded in the Presentation Library may display with lower text quality.

​On Windows computers Electa Live uses the Acrobat Reader application to upload PDF pages as images. Acrobat Reader is configured by default to export pages with slightly lower quality as you can see these on your whiteboard. So, for each file you upload you have to follow the steps as displayed in the below video:

The process described in the video is as follows:

1. Open the Presentation Library and choose your PDF file as you usually do. Select the "Advanced Upload" button instead of the "Upload" one.

2. When prompted - click Yes; Electa will try to open the PDF file with Acrobat Reader locally on your computer.

3. On the Acrobat window click on File -> Print to open the Acrobat printer dialog and then click the "Advanced" button down the window.

4. Mark the "Print as Image" check box.

5. Click OK to close the small window then make sure to have the "Electa Live Document Loader" selected on top. Then click "OK" again.

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