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Checking for live class calendar conflicts

Live Session and Class Schedule

This article describes how to check for conflicts between live classes in your class calendar.

A live class in the calendar may happen to be in a conflict with one or more other live classes. Conflicts could be one or some of the following

  • The live class shares the same virtual classroom with another live class and overlap in time
  • The live class shares the same classroom with another live class without overlapping time frames but the starting/ending times are too close.
  • The live class attendees are engaged in other live classes at the same time.
  • The presenter (live class leader) is engaged in another live class at the same time.

While some of the above are easy to spot by just looking at the calendar other conflicts are difficult to detect (an example is when groups of attendees are set to attend overlapping classes).

Electa LMS provides a conflict detection tool which you can run for every class in your calendar or even at time when selecting your attendees.

For classes already in the calendar you can check for conflicts by clicking on the red options button next to the calendar entry and choose "Check for conflicts"


The following page will show any existing conflicts at the time.


The list above displays all other live classes which are conflicting with the selected live class as well as what type of conflict exists.

Attendees - means that the two live classes share common attendees. A conflict in the presenter show the class leader is engaged in the other class as well at the same time. The room column shows conflicts with classes happening at the same time in this same classroom.

Suspicious timing indicates that the times of the respective pair of classes do not overlap but they are too close to each other.

The Conflict Check tool is also available for newly scheduled classes when selecting the permitted attendees.


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