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Cancellation of live classes

Live Session and Class Schedule

 How to cancel your scheduled live classes

Cancelation of live classes is click easy. To cancel a live class click onto the live class button, then click onto the red settings button next to the live class you would like to cancel > delete live class


Types of cancelation

There are different types of cancelation.

Apply to all events – In case of a live event that is reoccurring weekly, monthly or yearly this option allows complete cancellation. This option cancels all reoccurring live classes under this series of events. 

Just this one- This option cancels single timed lessons. For example you are feeling unwell on the date of the event. If your class is reoccurring, this would allow to cancel only that one specific event in the series.

By choosing the “do not delete the event” option you don’t delete the event itself. It is simply canceled and the reoccurrence of it will not be ruined. 

The comment section is optional and it allows you to specify the reason for canceling the event.

Difference between completely deleting the individual event and simply canceling it.





Mass Cancelation of live classes
In the case of needing to mass cancel live classes for a prolonged period of time such as a half term break click on the red settings button located above the calendar section.



Remove live classes- This similarly to the option above, does not just cancel the live classes but complete removes them for a chosen period of time. This makes the events disappear from the calendar of your students.


Cancel live class- This does not remove the live classes of the calendar but just cancels them. Similarly to the “do not delete event” option, however in this case the amount of time is stated and all events within those dates are canceled.

The comment section is again optional and allows you to explain in plain text the reason for the following cancellation to your students.

When the event has been canceled, your students will be able to see that the event has been cancelled as well as the reason for its cancellation. 


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