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My documents go to my printer instead of uploading to the presentation library.


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Documents print to a physical printer instead of uploading to the library
Microsoft XPS writer launches when I try to upload a document


Electa Live uses a virtual printer driver that is installed along with the classroom plug-in for converting the pages into images and uploading them into the library. This virtual printer driver is called "Electa Live 6 Document Loader". This driver should be available in your Devices and Printers folder.


1. Check that Electa Live Document Loader is available

Sometimes the virtual printer driver may fail to install properly. This will cause the Presentation Upload Wizard to send files to another physical printer instead.

On Windows Vista & Windows 7, 8 and 10: Open the Windows Control Panel and then open Devices and Printers. On Windows XP: Click Start - Printers and Faxes.

Look for an item called "Electa Live 6 Document Loader". If it is missing please manually reinstall the virtual room plug-in. The plug-in can be downloaded here.


2. Electa Live Document Loader is available but pages go to a physical printer or Microsoft XPS writer.

If the virtual printer is available and pages still go to the physical printer or the Microsoft XPS writer try the following approach:

  • Open the Presentation Library
  • Click the Upload button and select a document from your computer.
  • Click “Advanced Upload” and follow the steps that show on screen.

3.  Electa Live Document Loader is available but pages do not upload. Instead it reads "Preparing".

To resolve this situation please follow the steps in this guide.



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