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Understanding Assignments and Quizzes

Assignments, Homework & Quizzes

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General information about assignments and quizzes
Difference between assignments and quizzes
Types of assignments

General Information

With Electa Live you can create assignments (homework) and quizzes. Students complete the respective task or quiz and submit their work. Teachers assess the work and accept the assignment.

Assignments can be delivered separately to students or groups of students or can be provided as a part of online courses resources and activities to the course enrolees. For more information about this please refer to Resource Access Permissions Explained.

​The assignments and quizzes are available under the Resources menu -> Assignments, Homework and Quizzes.



Assignments vs Quizzes

Assignments are simple or complex tasks (or homework). They consist of a title, description and optionally an attachment. The assignment title is providing basic information about what students need to do. More details about the task are provided in the description area. Optionally, the teacher may attach a file as a part of the task where even more details are provided.

Each assignment has an availability date range - that is - a starting date/time and a deadline until students can work on it.

​An example of a simple assignment can be the following:

Title: Read Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
: Complete this task during the weekend. After reading the chapter draw a picture of your favorite part and upload it.

When students complete their task the teacher can give points. Such assignments are called "evaluated" or assessed. For each assignment the teacher specifies what is the maximum number of points students can gain.


Quizzes, similarly to the assignments have a title, description and an availability date range. Quizzes however have a list of questions that has to be answered. Questions can be with one correct answer, multiple correct answers or open questions where students provide a free-form answer.

Each question carries certain number of points. Answers to questions with predefined answers are automatically assessed upon completion. Answers to open questions have to be reviewed by the teacher and assessed manually. Quizzes are always evaluated.


Video Guides About Assignments and Quizzes


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