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Creating Assignments and Homework

Assignments, Homework & Quizzes

To create a new assignment click on Resources -> Assignments, Homework & Quizzes. This will open the assignments and quizzes area.


To create a new Assignment click the Create Assignment button and fill in the information about this new task.

Assignment Attributes

Along with the Id, Title and the description you have to specify two dates/hours. Available After is the date/time after each students will be able to start working on this task. Due Date is the deadline by which students have to submit their work on this task.

You can specify if it is going to be evaluated and the maximum number of points that students can gain when completing the task. Later you will be bale to grade your student for the completion.

To each assignment you can attach a file. This could be extra task description or a document related to the task. Students will be able to download this attachment when working on the assignment.

​Teachers (not admins) can only upload attachments if they are granted upload permissions for resources and homework.


Specify Who This is For

(Do not use this if you are going to attach this assignment to an exiting course)

The assignments and quizzes are standard Electa Live resources. As such they can be added as course resources. In this case all course enrollees will be have to complete the assignments/quizzes that are beloging to their course.

If you are not using courses you may specify the target of each assignment or quiz, by selecting individual students or student groups from your database.



For more information about permissions please read Resource Access Permissions Explained.

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