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My audio is heavily distorted or slowed

Audio and Video Related Issues

This article applies for Windows users only.

If you experience heavy audio distortion or very slow playback rate please consider the following configuration sequence:

  • Open Windows Control Panel, Find the "Sound" item and open it.
  • Click the "Recording" tab on the "Sound" window.
  • Select your microphone in the list by clicking on it.
  • Click the "Properties" button
  • Click the "Advanced" tab on the "Properties" window.
  • Uncheck the "Enable Audio Enhancements" checkbox. It must not be selected.
  • Click OK (to close the Properties window)
  • Click OK (to close the Sound window)

After that enter your live classroom or one of our testing classrooms (here)​ and run the audio test using the button after the volume sliders. Make sure to complete both tests - speakers and microphone after selecting the proper audio devices.

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