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Sharing Media Content (Video Tutorial)

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In your live sessions you may want to share prerecorded audio or video content - like short movies, audio tutorials, samples, exercises etc...

Audio and video files can be shared using the Guided Web Tour tool of your virtual classroom.


Sharing Media Files from Your Resource Library

You can share mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video) files from your Resource Library. To do so log into your Electa Live web account click on Resources > Resource Library. Upload your file into the library (or find it it is already uploaded). Click on the red options button next to it and then click on Options to go to the file properties page.

Copy the link from the area marked as "Virtual Classroom Share Link".


Then go to your live session as you normally do and switch to the Guided Web Browser tool. Paste the copied link into the guided browser address bar and press the Enter button. This will take everyone in your session to the media file.

Please note that this playback may not be fully synchronized because different users run on different connection speeds. Also some devices may not support automatic video start. In this case users have to click the play button.


The above approach is suitable for files which are only in mp4 or mp3 format as well as files which are smaller than 50 mb. For other file types and larger files please consider the below approach.


Sharing Medial Files from YouTube or SoundCloud.

All that is needed is to upload the media file on YouTube or other audio/video sharing website and get a link to it. The video/audio does not have to be public.

Get a link to your file and open the link into the Guided Web Browser of the virtual classroom. The file will start playing to all users in the live session.


Audio files can also be shared in a similar way. As YouTube does not support audio-only content you may consider uploading your audio file to your website or to another audio sharing service like SoundCloud.


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